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Amazing as it may seem, our crazy life appears easily condensed into three tidy divisions. Click on the pictures in the left-hand column to link to our "music," "cars," and "family and friends" pages. There you’ll find photos, news and more links. The right-hand side includes "news" and links to related web sites.

With our digital camera, it is easy enough to document events, as long as we remember to bring the camera with us … and use it. This web-based album allows you to view as much, or as little, as you can tolerate, without us boring you with our boxes of snap-shots.

If you’ve participated with us in some of the adventures documented within, and have pictures you think would augment ours, feel free to send them along. We’ll give you credit for composition and content. Similarly, if you see something of ours that you would like to add to your photo essays, by all means, feel free to snag it for your own use.  Enjoy!


Photo of Michael & Lise

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